You MUST read this!

The Jungle Book by beadslut and jenna_thorn is a wonderful fast paced action adventure for Jensen and Jared. Replete with familiar characters and some of the best dialogue in the fandom. Iced with great art by smut slut.


Hell is Other People by Sasha-dragon will thrill you with its courageous Jensen who comes up with the best snark while being held prisoner by a true human monster. Jared  and his pals are hunters who come to the rescue, although Jared may need rescuing right back. And Misha is simultaneously hilarious and creepy. The only drawback is that it's a WIP. But well worth the read and maybe if enough people poke sasha-dragon, it'll get finished.


Fear Is The Lock, And Laughter The Key To Your Heart - 1/?

Synopsis: Financial consultant Jensen Ackles wants a relationship but is too busy to meet people and leery of online dating. So he turns to a dating service with a high rate of success and is assigned a personal dating consultant. Jensen is surprised, and intrigued, by his consultant.

  Author's Note: In April of 2011 sadwinchfn asked me if I would beta the last chapter for one of her stories. After that successful collaboration she contacted me regarding an idea she had for a new J2 tale, asking if I would like to beta that one as well. I was excited to get to work with such a talented author from the beginning. After the first three chapters had been written and edited I received an email from Sue explaining that she was facing a surgery and lengthy recovery period. She asked if I would take over the story and complete it on my own. I was touched that she would let me ‘foster her baby’ and agreed to try. Sue had already sent a pretty detailed outline of her ideas and the direction she wanted to take the story, so I had a good base to build on. I completed chapter 4 and Sue was able to read and edit it before she went into the hospital. From chapter 5 on is all on me.

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Just a few of my favorite Supernatural and J2 authors

If you like good slash - Sam and Dean, Sam and Dean AU, Jensen and Jared RPS or AU, you need to check out these writers.






This is, hands down, one of the best fics I've ever read. All the elements that make for riveting storytelling are here. This is the quality to which all writers should aspire.