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John Carter of Mars

So, funny how things go around and come around. For years most people didn't have a clue who Edgar Rice Burroughs was. Those who knew who Tarzan was were unaware he was a character in a series of novels.

Now along comes the latest visit to John Carter. I didn't know that it was "fanfiction", but my first attempts at writing down the stories I made up for myself were about John Carter. Then I tried to turn the first book into a script. I may still have that notebook tucked into a box somewhere.

Over the years I've cast various actors in the role of John Carter. Now, while I've admired Taylor Kitsch in several of his roles, I cannot see him as John Carter. On the other hand, I can SO see Jared Padalecki in that role. Yep, gonna have to dust off the old notebook and write some Jared as John Carter stories. 

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Oh that's a cool idea. Jared as John Carter is a better fit than Jared as Tarzan.

: )

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